Like a fish swimming in moonlight, like a tree bent in the breeze, Real Ponchos’ music is subtle, yet revelatory. Deep grooves buoyed by rugged vocals and burning guitar. Songs inspired by human suffering with a folk sentiment at the core, that open the heart wide with luscious and spacious improvisation, while keeping feet on the floor with tight, soulful rhythm. Working in the lineage established by those before them who have taken folk traditions into the modern age, Real Ponchos embrace non-duality to create sincere and distinctive music.

Based in Vancouver, BC, where several of the members grew up, Real Ponchos released a self-titled EP in 2013.They followed that up a year later with their debut full length, Since I Let You Go, which received warm reviews from music critics across the country and earned the band a place amongst The Georgia Straight’s top 10 Vancouver bands of 2014. On the strength of Since I Let You Go and their live show, Real Ponchos have toured Canada several times in the past 3 years and continue to play regularly in Vancouver and surrounding southern BC towns and festivals. Real Ponchos will be self releasing their sophomore full length on February 10, 2017 on their own Tenquille Records.

Real Ponchos is:

Ben Arsenault, Emile Scott, Michael Wagler, Emlyn Scherk

Collaborators and Sometimes Bandmates:

Adrian St Louis – Drums, Dylan Stone – Electric Guitar, Marc Jenkins – Pedal Steel Guitar, Kesia Mei – Vocals, Jonathan Scherk – Soundscapes and Production Guru